At Ritual Labs our goal is to design a relationship between the brand voice, product use and the customer’s needs at every interactive touchpoint.

The product identity goes well beyond the ‘mark’ especially with the multiplication of hubs where the customer meets the business: Mobile, print, trade show exhibits, tablet, desktop, direct marketing, email marketing, video and more. Every communication from every hub must be a consistent message that enables further action and engagement. It’s not only a brand program and kit, it’s a customer membership campaign; an intricate system of presentation and packaging that has to be right.


Once engaged, we gather information to establish the design goals and scope. We turn this into a creative brief to make sure we heard you. Communication objectives, a plan of action and a system for collaboration are established.

Concept Development

Design ideas, sketches, nomenclature and language style for the visual and ergonomic style are tossed around and put into storyboards.  A significant sampling of visual material and language design are developed and loosely mocked up for all media types.


Ritual Labs prides itself in establishing insight by bringing nearly 2 decades of human factors processes to the product design cycle. We pride ourselves in making odd connections that reinforce the product’s soul and stands out —capture’s the imagination of the audience. The research phase is a precious part of the process.

Design Refinement

We combine the concept phase with the research phase into 2-3 strong design narratives to present to the client. This is where it all comes together to give the organization strong choices. We like to hear: “But how could we choose?”


And once a design direction is chosen, we then produce the design in full — we prototype the design to the fullest extent. This gives you the client a strong sense of the experience for your customers.

Delivery: A full specification and all images optimized + source files to the engineering team.

Brand Expression & Design

Brand Signals and Language

In today’s consumer driven culture we are tasked to signal the target market and make an accurate impression at light speed. The visuals and words used to captivate your audience need to have some unique drivers in them. The element of surprise or a capture of imagination. Or something that just makes sense. Ritual Labs has been working with companies for nearly 2 decades to help pull out unique differentiators in words and visual cues that are true to brand.

Shaping Perception

Given the rapidly changing technological climate we live in, a unique and identifiable narrative associated with it’s products and services is more important than ever. Copy is presented everywhere. Email headers, video descriptions, direct mail, web copy, brochures, social media conversations. If it’s not helping to shape perception and inspiring action, initiatives get lost fast. Ritual takes copy very seriously.

We Get Close

Our process to help your customer get closer to your organization is simple. We get closer to you and pull out who you are, what you offer and why it’s important in the lives of your target market with passion and rigor.

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