“Niya was a fun person to work with, and brings a lot of enthusiasm to her user interface work. She is passionate about understanding what the user’s mental models are, and thinking about natural ways to present them with the right level of detail in any task.”
Niya is one of the few Interface Designers who has both the artistic and technical experience necessary for great User Interface design. Having a real artist on your side can be a powerful tool. The creative energy, and ability they bring to the table is a real asset, especially when trying to create a product that really hit’s the mark with your customers. At the same time, Niya has a wealth of technical experience that proved to be as important when it came to actually taking the ideas and creating the digital content. We never had to worry that we were asking for something she could not do. No request was beyond her ability. In the end we have a final product that we can all be proud of.
OEF Brand Panelist Audience Member

“Wow.  You were great up there on the panel last night.  You communicated your understanding of the topic of branding so well.  I watched and listened as the others were talking and they didn’t have the passion or “real person” effect that you had on the group.  You know your stuff!”

~ To read the talk via PDF click right here

“If you want someone who can think “out of the box” and see problems in a fresh, new way, Niya is your person. Niya’s talents, experience and connections are vast making her a perfect consultant for a wide breadth of companies and problems. If you need proof of her visual and writing talents, just visit her beautifully designed websites full of rich examples of her work. I highly recommend Niya Sisk.”

Shannon Halgren

Niya Sisk was a key element in the development of Equilibrium’s new MediaRich Publishing Platform. She is one of the few designers who has both the artistic and technical expertise necessary for great user experience and visual design.  Her creative energy and strategic thinking was a real asset to the development of our customer interface, especially when trying to convey the simplicity that MediaRich brings to Web development.
— Matthew Loewengart, Product Marketing Manager

DR. THOMAS JORDAN, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, NYC
I hired Niya Sisk of Ritual Labs to build my  Educational Media Center—Love-Life Learning Center, a dream I have had for several years. Apart from her credentials and work experience that speaks volumes about her talent and ability, these are the reasons why I hired her and would recommend her without reservation to anyone interested in a truly exceptional online experience. The first is the comfort I experienced working with her.

She is enthusiastic and passionate about her work and she is immerses herself into what you are trying to create. It’s like having someone to go on a journey with, where neither of you know a head of time where it will ultimately end up. Niya is there from beginning to end working and reworking the ideas often above and beyond the usual investment of time and energy.

She is a true artist and I marveled at her dedication to producing the best and most satisfying outcome for us. The other reason I hired her is because of her creative talent. She takes the elements of what you are trying to create, adds her own creative brilliance, and shapes both into practical images, forms, and functions. This is the part that’s wonderful to witness. I know reality can never replicate a dream. But in Niya’s case she’ll bring you very, very close.

Niya, Good News! I am currently working as a User Experience Architect at Think New Ideas in Atlanta, GA.  I look back on my experience in your class with fond memories, and I just wanted to get in touch and let you know that your shared knowledge has paid off for me in terms of a real-world career.
Thanks 😉  — Robert Dornbush

“I hired Niya’s firm, Ritual Labs, to undertake a major branding effort at Brewer Science because she came highly recommended from a prestigious nationally-known marketing firm, Cheskin Added Value, SF Ca. Within five minutes of our initial discussion on the phone, I found her to be intelligent, delightfully genuine, professional, and very committed to her work. I was inspired by her ability to customize a strategic in-depth branding process for our company in a very short period of time. Her voracious research on our industry and technology prior to project kick-off demonstrated her passion and commitment to make a difference. She continually reinforced and taught us the salient branding elements necessary to build a foundation for revenue growth .

Niya has the amazing ability to be remarkably creative while balancing and maintaining a logical process flow to get results. She was a valued asset to our team, as she would be for any company, because of her innate desire to make a difference. A company that engages her services will need to brace themselves for growth! I highly recommend her.”

LINKEDIN Service Category: Business Consultant
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

“Niya is great fun to work with–she creates beautiful materials, all on time and within budget and with a great attitude. One of her many strengths is her abililty to provide strong design input while being able to incorporate the client’s preferences for products that are both functional and visually striking.”