Think outside the box. The ‘Box’ being a metaphor for the re-use of old rules applied to an the initiation of something new that wants to emerge—from general activities to new markets.

That box is now busted up; the old rules recycled into concepts, ideas, facts, voice atoms and data that is peppered all over the internet — streaming faster than boxes get made.

It’s compelling to see how data is a driving force on the internet that shapes perception. Suddenly the breadcrumbs we leave online are forming sensory experiences in our audiences. With the consumer as part of the conversation forming new invention, it can be both confusing and exciting. There is no hierarchy if you’re cool!

Clients want a tried a true formula from me for ROI. SEO and SMO tried and true strategies. Who could blame them. Don’t we all want the secret ingredients, the quantitative formula that PR’s that new brand up the eschalon’s — from awareness, to accurate perception, to I love you, you are exactly what I need (emotional connection) and then a bit of viral magic? Yes, yes. But with the Box scattered all over the universe, it takes a channel scientist, a data sensoralist, an e-Media scatologist, a person with the instincts of a mother and the steely patience of an aspiring Buddhist to sniff out and concretize these success patterns. And then poof! The molecules move again.

The Box is not only recycled into a gazillion bits of micro meanings, but creativity as a commodity has exploded.

This is the era of ‘voice’ — the voice of each and every individual. And that’s a lot to hear, read, and listen too. It’s not just about finding those values that make the voice of your business but coming in out of the data storm and realizing that while the box has been recycled, like ant societies we amazingly put the past to good use (most of the time).


Recycled means taking the best of the old rules and re-using them in a diversified fashion.


I’m thinking of changing my job title to data scatologist.