I have had a secret interest in how letter shapes have associative memory to something in the limbic brain. I don’t meet many people who consider the psychological effects of such things. I learn things from my clients everyday. They are amazing people doing amazing things.

Recently we did a paradoxical design concept for a writer of Parisian and Texan culture via the food. I was delighted to hear from this client that she identified strongly with ┬áthe signage at Charles-de-Gaulle airport. The airport itself; the entrances and exits into Paris. Her lifelong passion for Paris began at age 12 learning French language from Berlitz records. The font Frutiger has an interesting function. It was chosen over the Univers typeface because it’s angles were easier to read with people running through the airport navigating their way. The surviver font!

This excellent article covers the history in a wonderful way.

I’ve chosen fonts to convey values, principles and express something characteristic and essential to the expression of product or brand. Yet, there is something so vital to me in this client’s need and choice of a font that helped her navigate the airport that got her into and out of her life long passion; Paris. To have that font now help her readers navigate in and out of her stories of Paris and Texas! Well, that’s a font doing it’s job.

What’s your type? What font speaks to you and why?